Quality and Supply policy

MIBILBANHO, Lda aim is to meet Customer needs, providing a product with quality.

MIBILBANHO, Lda follows ISO9001 standards, by implementing an integrated management system that controls and standardizes the processes, allowing the evaluation of the effectiveness of actions taken, with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Looking for the continuous improvement of the processes to which they submit, allowing coordination and productivity.

In yours field of action, it is MIBILBANHO, Lda commitment to implement and maintain a QUALITY POLICY based on the following points:

  - Satisfaction of client's needs and expectations;

  - Maintenance of high quality standards in our products and services;

  - Compliance with applicable legal requirements;

  - Compliance with good practices related with Hygiene, safety and health at work;

  - Environmental protection;

  - Promotion and maintenance of all requirements of PEFC chain of custody identified in the normative reference: PEFC ST 2002 Chain of Custody of Forest Based Products Requirements;

  - Maintenance of an organized system to obtain internal credibility in order to deserve the confidence of the authorities, costumers and all entities with whom we cooperate;

  - Promotion of continuous improvement regarding the effectiveness of the management system.

  - Increase of efficiency;

  - Reducing costs of non-compliance;

  - Strengthening partnerships with suppliers.