Mibilbanho, Lda is a Portuguese company specialized in the production of bathroom Furniture.




The company was founded in 2002. Initially the exclusive target of production was the national market. With the increase of production capacity, in 2007 started the internationalization process with exports to Spain, Germany and Algeria. Since then it has been developing new markets registering since 2010 regular exports to France, Belgium, Austria, Slovenia and Morocco. The work on developing new markets is solid and we currently have high expectation of achieving business in markets as Middle East and Eastern Europe.


The main activity has been, since the begging, manufacture of bathroom furniture, especially economic range.


With our own facilities since August of 2012, Mibilbanho is equipped with the most appropriate technology for the sector which allows total verticality in the productive process.


We now have a group of 37 professionals, specialized in the field, and that along with the other means shall ensure a minimum daily output of 300 sets (under basin cabinet + mirror), which allows us to satisfy the customers ' requests on quality, quantity and diversity under tight deadlines and with competitive prices.

The constant renewal and innovation in production processes and management allow the Organization to stand and hold as a company leader and reference in the sector.




Our mission is to make available to the national and international markets competitive products and services, with quality.


We guide all our efforts for the permanent search of ways to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, supported by an innovative spirit, with special concern to adopt policies and regulations "environmentally friendly".



We intend to continue to be a reference in the field of bathroom furniture through the recognition of our know-how and service provided.



Ethics and respect for people

Equality and equity of treatment

Quality of our products and services

Technical competence and professionalism



Social and Environmental responsibility